Healthcare is

the #1 issue!

Reform Healthcare

Policy Think Tanks/

Advocacy Groups

Direct Primary Care Coalition

Show-Me Institute

The Heartland Institute

The Kaiser Family Foundation

Foundation for Government Accountability


  • Lack of Transparency in pricing
  • Managed Medicaid - timeliness of payment and fairness to providers
  • Overall patient affordability
  • Overall system is too complex from forms to bureaucratic  maze
  • Responsibility of patient​
  • Expand narrow networks
  • DPC with major medical coverage
  • DPC plan in state gov't employee and Medicaid coverage

Topics of Concern

  • ​Education debt of new doctors
  • Rising cost of maintenance of certification
  • Doctor hospital privileges
  • Lack of oral health/education
  • Lack of mental health resources
  • Any willing provider
  • Defensive medicine
  • Cost vs. service provided

Below are some of the topics that have been submitted or mentioned in our informal healthcare meetings.


Policy ideas